How To Install A Furnace With Repair In Mind

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One of the most common mistakes during the heating installation process is not considering the need to repair the system in the future. A heating contractor will encourage you to do the following three things to simplify future repairs.

Choose a Popular System

Using a less-than-common furnace is an invitation to repair troubles. If a heating services contractor can't quickly track down parts for the furnace even during the installation, it's going to be a nightmare to find replacement components in a pinch. You don't have to choose the most popular system on the market, but repairability will be better if you stick to a model that most hardware stores have in stock.

Also, look for furnaces from companies that have been around for decades. While you might get a better price from a newer brand, there is also the potential the manufacturer goes out of business. Then it may be difficult to find parts 10 or 20 years later.

You will also have an easier time dealing with maintenance. The filters are more likely to be standardized, for example, so you'll be able to get replacements at most stores.

Document the Heating Installation

Ask the heating contractor to provide detailed notes. Many contractors place these in a sleeve and then attach that to the furnace. If a different person has to do furnace repair work years from now, they can refer to the notes and see what the installer did. Likewise, any heating contractor who works on the system in the meantime can add their notes to the collection.

Receipts and warranties are also good additions to the notes. Just knowing where the heating installation company got the furnace can provide a leg up on fixing it. Someone at the hardware store will usually know the contact information for the manufacturer, even if it's an obscure brand.

Physical Accessibility

Positioning a furnace with repair in mind can make a difference. Choose a location where the heating contractor can easily walk around the furnace. Likewise, select a spot that gives them room to take out large parts and bring in replacements. This will reduce the time they'll go in and out of your house.

You will appreciate the difference that physical accessibility makes if the contractor has to repair the furnace on the coldest day of the winter. Also, the repair process will likely be less noisy if they have room to operate.

Contact a heating contractor in your area to learn more.