4 Sources Of AC Problems

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If your home's AC suffers a major problem, it could lead to a need to have an emergency repair technician come to your property. Otherwise, the temperature inside your house could rapidly increase to the point where it can be dangerous to stay in the structure for long periods of time.

Dirty Unit

Large amounts of dirt getting inside the AC system can be a problem that is able to cause major performance issues for the unit. This dirt can cause the coils in the unit to be unable to effectively exchange heat. Additionally, large amounts of dust and dirt can also restrict the airflow into the unit, which can directly decrease its cooling output. If your air conditioning system is starting to suffer from a decrease in cooling performance, professional cleaning may be able to alleviate the problems and restore the unit to its normal effectiveness.

Electrical Damage

There are numerous electrical components in your air conditioning system, and damage to the wiring or other electric components can lead to the unit behaving in unusual ways or even failing to work at all. Identifying the source of the electrical damage can be extremely difficult and dangerous for a person that lacks professional training and equipment. Residential AC repair providers will be able to quickly determine the source of the electrical problem so that it can be repaired. You can lessen the risks of electrical damages occurring to the unit by protecting it against surges that can easily damage the internal components.

Compressor Malfunction

The compressor in the air conditioning system is one of the most important components. When the compressor fails, the refrigerant may not be circulated through the internal tubing, and this can lead to the system being unable to cool the air. It may be possible to repair this problem without the need to replace the compressor itself. Often, these compressors will turn off when they are starting to overheat. Not surprisingly, improper maintenance can increase the risk of the compressor overheating by failing to address wear and tear that could cause the compressor to have to work longer and harder.

Animal Activity

There are some animals that may be attracted to your air conditioning unit. This is particularly common during the winter months when this system may not be active for long periods of time. Small animals may use this as a chance to build nests in these systems, which can then cause any number of malfunctions with the system. If you have noticed nesting or other signs of animal activity in the unit, a repair service should be hired to assess whether the animals damaged the unit.

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