Heating System Installation Solutions For Lower Winter Energy Costs

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When it is time to have a heating system installed in your home, you want an efficient design as this can help reduce your winter energy costs. Today, there are many options for heating system installations that are more efficient. The following heating system options solutions will reduce winter energy costs:

Hydro-air alternatives for Force-Air Heating

If you want efficient heating, hydro-air systems are great. These systems use boilers that provide thermal energy to a heat exchanger in the air handler. Benefits of using a hydro-air heating system in your home include:

  • A comfortable heating solution that does not cause dryness
  • Easily expandable systems for future home improvements or additions
  • Efficient heating solutions with many energy and fuel options

The hydro-air system will provide your home with efficient and comfortable heating. You also have many different energy choices for the boiler of these heating systems.

Biomass Boilers for Alternative Energy with Radiant Heating

If you want to use a renewable resource to heat your home, biomass is one of the best options. These heating systems can provide you with efficient radiant heating. There are different options for systems that burn biomass fuels, including:

  • Conventional firewood materials
  • Agricultural waste products
  • Compacted pellet fuel materials

The biomass boiler of your heating system will also provide your home with efficient hot water. Biomass boilers can also be adapted for hydro-air HVAC designs with ductwork.

Efficient HVAC Heat Pumps for Heating and Cooling Needs

Today, one of the most efficient options for heating and cooling is a heat pump. These are AC heat pumps that replace conventional AC units and furnaces. The heat pump HVAC can be used for the following heating systems:

  • Ductless HVAC
  • Compact duct HVAC
  • Conventional forced-air HVAC

The heat pump is a great way to install a solar-ready system in your home. This means that the system can be designed to connect to renewable energy like solar panels and wind turbine systems that produce electricity.

High-Efficiency Furnaces for More Conventional Heating Solutions

If you want a conventional solution for heating, high-efficiency furnaces can be a great option. Options for high-efficiency furnaces that can be installed for your heating include:

  • Heating oil furnace
  • Natural gas furnace
  • Electric furnace  

The high-efficiency furnaces can be made even more efficient with zoned HVAC. In addition, you can have a programmable thermostat installed. 

The right heating system for your home can cut your winter energy costs. Contact a heating installation service for more information.