HVAC Maintenance And Servicing Info

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You may think you can get away with using your HVAC system without having an HVAC technician come out to perform seasonal maintenance on the system. You may turn it on and see that everything runs correctly and take this as proof that everything is fine. However, there is a reason why professionals really push those annual maintenance calls. Understanding what the technicians do during this visit may give you a better idea of the importance of these routine maintenance visits.

Maintenance for Furnaces

If you're working with a furnace, the technician will check your system to ensure it works correctly. The technician will also clean dirty components. Also, the equipment will be inspected for signs of soot, rust, corroded electrical components, worn wires, damaged wires, and leaks.

Maintenance for a Heat Pump

When your home has a heat pump, the technician will verify there is enough refrigerant in the system. They will also clean the coil if it is dirty. The technician also inspects all the electrical components and checks the compressor and fan for signs of damage. The technician also cleans the furnace and verifies the unit works correctly.

Maintenance for Central Air and Heating

A central HVAC system needs to have its filter cleaned as soon as it looks dirty and this part is up to you. However, an HVAC technician may also check the condition of the filter when they come out. The technician will also inspect the belts, bearings, and fan. The technician will also clean the dampers and adjust them if necessary. They will repair any leaks they find and make sure the refrigerant is at the right level.

Duct Inspection and Cleaning

Duct cleaning isn't necessarily something that you have to have done on an annual basis, but there are times when you should have a technician come out to inspect, clean, and possibly repair your ducts. If you feel as if certain rooms aren't getting the full effect of the HVAC system, you hear strange noises coming from the ducts, or you see a significant spike in your electric bill, then you want to get a technician out.

You may have leaks in the duct system, other types of damage, or rodents in the ducts. If they are dirty, the technician can clean them, which will cut down on the allergens getting blown in your home when the system is running. This means fewer allergy flare-ups for allergy sufferers in the household.