The Logical Order Of A/C Maintenance: Watch To See What Your Technician Does

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When it comes to maintenance and repair of the systems in your home, there is always a logical order to it. Take A/C maintenance. Your technician will always proceed in a logical order to make sure your system continues to provide comfort for next summer and beyond. Watch and see if your technician proceeds in the following ordered steps to maintain your central air conditioner.

Clean the Outside

The condenser box outside needs to be cleaned. Everything around it (e.g., brush, grass, climbing vines, etc.) needs to be cleared away for at least three feet all the way around. Leaves have to come off and out of the top and sides of the condenser box. Dust and dirt have to be washed away. This is usually the first step because your technician will remove this part to get to the rest.

Clean the Inside

The interior of the condenser box has to be cleaned too. This is often the next step, although it may exchange places with the inspection of the components inside. Making sure everything is clean will reduce any problems with functionality.

Inspection of Components

Next, all of the components, from the refrigeration coils to the evaporator and the condenser, are examined. The technician is looking for any problem spots that may lead to parts replacement. He/she takes notes of spots that may be a problem and will alert you to them. You may also receive a repair quote if the technician has to return next year to repair or replace these parts.

Checking the Fuses and the Electrical Wiring

Rodents LOVE chewing on the covering of many electrical wires. They can accidentally cut through these wires creating problems for your air conditioner. The fuses in the box on the outside of the house regulate the amount of power your air conditioner needs and uses. All of the above is checked for signs of rodent chewing and tested to make sure it still works as it should. Chewed wires and dead fuses are replaced.

Putting Everything Back Together and Covering It Up

Finally, the technician will put the entire condenser box back together and secure it. A seasonal covering goes over the top to prevent more leaves, debris on the wind, snow and/or ice from entering the A/C box. The technician makes sure the covering is secure before presenting you with the maintenance bill and setting up the next appointment.