Three Steps To Helping The Elderly With Air Conditioning In The Summertime

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Summertimes are one of the worst times for those who do not have central air conditioning in their home. While having an interior air conditioning unit is common in newly built homes, older homes tend to not have central AC. Many elderly people live in old homes that may not have a functioning air conditioning unit, making the summer times harder for them. If you want a way to help the elderly in your community stay cool this summer, here are some ways to cool down homes. 

Collect a list of those in need

In order to donate window air conditioning units, you will need to have a list of those who are in need. Go to churches, community centers, and community clinics in your area to find out if there are seniors who are in need. You can ask for the officials at these institutions to collect information for those who need air conditioning. After the list is collected, this will give you an idea of how many people need help and how many window units you will need to collect in order to make a difference in your community this summer. 

Host an old window unit drive

Since it can be a costly task to build interior air conditioning units, window units are a great way to cool down the homes of the elderly. Host a drive for old window units in your area. You can ask regular people to bring their older, working window units to your drive and receive a small payment for their trade. You can also ask companies and businesses to bring in their old window units if they plan to upgrade. Be sure to also seek out construction workers who sometimes tear down or renovate homes and may have window units to give away. 

Hook up with an HVAC contractor to install

Once you have collected window air conditioning units, you will need some HVAC contractors to be able to install the air conditioning units. Ask to pay the HVAC firm a flat fee or a standard fee per installation so that the costs can remain affordable. The HVAC company can inspect the square footage and layout of the home to determine the best positioning for the air conditioning unit. Getting a window unit installed in an hour or less can help save the elderly in your community from heat stroke, dehydration, or hospitalization due to overheating.