Two Reasons To Keep Your Furnace Fan On During The Summer

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As the summer approaches, one of the most important things on your agenda is probably keeping your home cool. While you typically think about your furnace as a tool to keep your home warm, you might be surprised to discover that your furnace can also play a role in keeping your home comfortable during the summer months. This is particularly true when it comes to your furnace fan. Keeping your furnace fan in the "on" position during the summer can afford you a number of benefits, here are just a few of them.

Saves On Energy Cost

As the temperature outside increases, most air conditioner units operate on an almost nonstop basis to help maintain a lower temperature inside. This can lead to high energy consumption, which translates into higher energy bills each month. When powered on, the furnace fan can help actually keep the temperature inside your home regulated for a longer period of time, acting as somewhat of an assistant to your air conditioner.

This means that your air conditioner unit doesn't need to come on as regularly to keep your home comfortable. Since air conditioner units will use a considerably greater amount of energy than a furnace fan does, the less frequently your air conditioner needs to power on, the lower your energy cost will be every month, saving you money. In addition to lower energy cost, this can also mean less wear and tear on your air conditioner unit.

Keeps Air Balanced

A common complaint amongst residents who live in two-story homes is the fact that it's often considerably warmer upstairs than it is downstairs. This complaint is especially common for older homes who have not upgraded to a separate air conditioner unit for each level of their home. Since heat rises, finding a way to better distribute the cool air being produced by the air conditioner unit becomes the challenge.

Operating your furnace fun during the summer months can aid you with this task. Unlike a typical fan, a furnace fan is designed to draw in the cooler air. This means that some of the cooler air stuck in the lower levels of your home gets drawn into the fan where it is then dispersed around your home. This helps keep the air inside your home more balanced, preventing an extreme temperate variation between the upper and lower levels in your home.

If you believe your furnace fan can help keep you more comfortable during the summer, don't hesitate to turn it on. Go to sites offering more info on the topic if you're interested.