My AC Thermostat Went Blank — What Could Be The Problem?

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The thermostat is like the brain of your air conditioning unit. This is because if you want your unit to perform a function, you create the settings in the thermostat. Therefore, you might feel confused when the thermostat goes blank in the middle of an extreme season. Given its crucial function, you will want to troubleshoot and find possible reasons behind the problem. Here are some common reasons you may have a blank thermostat. 

Have You Checked the Batteries?

You should know that your thermostat operates on batteries. Hence, you should have no issues with the unit when the batteries are fully functional. However, if you do not check your batteries often, there are chances that they will get drained, and the thermostat might go off as a result. So, if you want to know whether the problem is the batteries, replace the current ones with a new pair. If the thermostat is still blank after replacing the batteries, you should consider other issues. 

Did Someone Turn Down the Display Light?

It is also possible that someone turned down the display light without you noticing it. You must note that, like all other gadgets with a screen, you can adjust the brightness of your thermostat. Hence, if the brightness is all the way down, it might look like the display is off. This is a common issue when you live with kids who can reach or access your thermostat. 

If this is the case, turning up the lighting is a simple and efficient way to solve the problem. Also, some thermostats have programming that leads to auto dim at certain times of the day. So, read the user manual and check whether you could be dealing with such a unit. 

Did the Float Switch or Circuit Breaker Trip?

In some cases, the issue with the thermostat could be the electrical wiring and not within the gadget. For example, your unit could be on the same wiring as other parts of the AC. As such, when the main circuit breaker trips, the thermostat will go blank. When this happens, the only way to bring it back is by resolving the issue with the breaker. 

You must also note that the float switch ensures that your AC stays safe when there is a water hazard in the home. Hence, if the system detects high moisture, it will automatically turn off. So, if you are unsure why your thermostat is blank, check if your float switch has gone off.

These are a few possible scenarios that could lead to a blank thermostat screen. If not sure about the cause, it is best to contact a residential air conditioning servicing technician for a professional assessment and timely remedies. This way, you can restore your system's functionality and enjoy desired thermostat setting.

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