How Air Duct Leaks Cause Problems for Your HVAC System

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If your HVAC system relies on air ducts, you may eventually need duct sealing. Even well-maintained air ducts could experience leaks. The larger and more complicated your duct system, the bigger the chance they could develop. You may currently have leaks without realizing it. Keep reading to learn more about the signs of air duct leaks and how residential air duct sealing can help.

What Are the Signs of an Air Duct Leak?

Air duct leaks often start small but get worse over time. You may not notice any problems in the beginning. Also, a visual leak inspection of the entire system may not be easy. However, you may notice some of the following things once the leaks become significant:

  • You have higher bills than normal
  • You have hot and cold zones in your home
  • You have rooms with poor airflow
  • You have rooms that don't seem to get warm or cold enough
  • You have a lot of dust accumulation
  • Your allergies seem worse than usual

Why Are Air Duct Leaks a Problem?

Air duct leaks mean that your cooled or warmed air won't circulate efficiently around your home. You could end up turning up or down the thermostat more than you need. That means you will spend more money on climate control than with a well-sealed system. Also, you may not achieve the comfort you desire.

Another air duct issue is when dust and harmful materials like carbon monoxide from gas appliances don't get flushed outside. Many systems rely on negative air pressure to draw clean air inside your home and flush out the bad air. However, when you have leaks, the pressure is not as strong. Therefore, your home's air does not circulate well and can contribute to health issues.

What Does Sealing an Air Duct Do?

Sealing a duct will help restore your system to optimal efficiency. If you only have a few small leaks that you can access, you may be able to do some sealing yourself. However, you will need an HVAC contractor's help if you have a big problem or if your ducts need other maintenance. The contractor can do a more thorough inspection and repair in difficult-to-reach areas. They will also use professional-grade materials that are more likely to last.

A well-maintained and sealed duct system make for an efficient system. It's easy to ignore your air ducts until you notice your comfort level changes or your bill gets high. Therefore, if you notice a problem, contact an HVAC contractor as soon as possible.