Signs You Need Emergency AC Repairs

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Air conditioning problems often arise unexpectedly. You need an efficient air conditioner for your family's health and comfort. Therefore, you should invest in regular AC maintenance. The best way to avoid costly AC repairs is to identify minor problems early before they turn into big problems.

Low Air Flow

There's a problem if your AC is on, but no air is coming through the vents. The main culprit could be a blockage in the air ducts or the blower. If you notice that cool air is coming out weakly and cannot circulate through the house, the AC's compressor may be failing. To determine the precise reason for the low airflow, ensure you contact an AC repair service.

Warm Air

If your AC is running, but it isn't cooling, you should consult a technician. The most common reason is a frozen AC. When ice accumulates on your AC coils, it prevents heat transfer. As a result, your system will not cool but instead blow warm air throughout your home.

Odd Smells 

Another sign your air conditioner is failing is odd smells. If air from your AC is musty, there is likely mold in your ductwork. Other reasons for an unusual odor are dirty cooling coils and a clogged condensate drain. Your HVAC technician will clean the ducts, coils, and condensation lines to eliminate dirt and mold. An air conditioning tune-up will also help combat the odd smells.

Loud Noises

You might notice loud noises when you turn your AC on or off. The noises may persist when the AC is cycling. One of the reasons for this grinding and scraping noise is the system's belt. A loose belt can damage other components in your AC. Therefore, make sure you contact a technician immediately.

Annoying noises in your AC may also mean there are loose components or some parts of your AC are worn out. Your technician will replace or tighten these components to fix the problem. You shouldn't ignore loud noises in your AC if you don't want to deal with costly repairs in the future.

High Electricity Bills

When an AC's components get worn out, the unit works harder. You might notice your electricity bills soaring upwards. A broken thermostat could be the cause of your high energy bills. Other reasons for high electricity bills are leakage of the coolant and blockages in the AC's ductwork. You should call an AC repair service immediately to save money on electricity bills and get your AC operating efficiently.

Low Humidity Levels

One of the essential roles of an AC system is humidity control. The AC controls humidity through the evaporator coil, which condenses water vapor from the air. The moisture that goes through the evaporator coil is transferred to a drain outside your home.

If there are high humidity levels in your home while the AC is running, you need to repair your AC. You might also need to invest in a dehumidifier.

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