When You Should Get An Air Conditioning Replacement

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If you take excellent care of your air conditioner, it can last well past its expected lifespan. This can leave you wondering when you should replace your unit. You want to get as many years of life as possible, yet you want an AC that operates efficiently and doesn't drive up your power bill. Here are some times to consider having an air conditioning replacement done.

When You Can't Get Replacement Parts 

As models of air conditioners age, it's more and more difficult to get parts for them since not many are still in service. If your air conditioner needs repairs and the technician can't find the right replacement parts, they may tell you it's time to have your air conditioner replaced. This might even be true if your AC develops a refrigerant leak since the refrigerant used in older equipment has been phased out.

When Your Old AC Needs A Major Part Replaced

Your AC has a lot of parts. All are critical for proper operation, but some parts are inexpensive while others cost so much that it might be better to just get a new air conditioner. Your AC contractor can help you weigh the pros and cons of investing a lot of money in your old air conditioner so you make the right choice.

If your AC could potentially fail so that you'll need an air conditioning replacement within a few years anyway, then it may be better to buy new equipment rather than spend money on repairs.

Also, if you've needed repairs over the past few years because your AC has broken down during the summer, that could be a sign you'd be better off getting new equipment so the risk of breakdowns is much lower and you won't have to sweat and be miserable while you're waiting on repairs.

When You're Working On Energy Efficient Upgrades

If your AC is many years old, it probably isn't very efficient. Equipment wasn't made with efficiency as much in mind back then as it is now. Plus, older equipment loses efficiency over time. New equipment could lower your energy bills, especially if you make other energy efficiency upgrades such as sealing air leaks and putting in more insulation if it's needed.

Part of buying an AC that operates efficiently is getting a unit that's the perfect size for your home. A contractor can calculate the best size to make sure you don't end up with an AC that's too small or too big as either of these will drive up your power bill.

An air conditioning replacement contractor can help you choose the right equipment for your climate, house size, and budget so you get the best results on your power bill at the price you want to pay.