Smart Suggestions For Those Storing Propane

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If you need propane on a regular basis around your property, then you'll probably rely on propane tanks. They need to be stored a certain way, and these suggestions can help you with this.

Use Assistive Tools When Tanks are Large

If you plan on keeping propane in some pretty large storage tanks, then moving them by hand may not be feasible or safe. Instead, you'll want to use assistive tools that make transportation stress-free.

For instance, if your propane tanks weigh hundreds of pounds and you need to move them to a certain part of your property, you can use large moving carts. They'll support all the weight. You just need to make sure the propane tanks aren't able to move around on this cart as it goes from one area to the next. Cranes may also be necessary if you have large propane tanks that weigh even more than a few hundred pounds.

Make Sure Surfaces are Sturdy

Once you get propane tanks set up, you don't want them to be able to move and fall over. That's going to require a sturdy surface. There are a couple of options that might be appropriate for your property. 

For instance, you can pour concrete to create slabs where these tanks will go. That's a lot better than just leaving them on the unprotected ground that can shift depending on the surrounding environment. Or you can use thick wood planks to create an even and stable surface for propane tanks to be set upon.

Provide Shade if Sunlight is an Issue

If propane tanks are allowed to heat up past their limits, then you could have some serious hazardous conditions to deal with. As such, if there are sunlight problems around the location you plan on using to keep propane tanks stored, you need to come up with shaded solutions.

You might place an awning or tarp over the propane tanks to keep them out of the sun. Or you could even build a shed around the tanks so as to keep them better protected from sunlight. Either way, the shade will keep your property safe when propane tanks are around it.

A lot of homeowners have to use propane to run various systems around their property. If you do too, make sure your storage solutions are safe and effective before ever moving propane tanks. Then you won't put yourself in harm's way when propane is involved. 

For more information on how to safely store propane, contact a company near you.