3 Steps You Can Take to Make Your Commercial Air Conditioning More Energy Efficient

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Keeping a large commercial building cool during the hot summer months can be a costly task for any company. Thankfully, there are steps that you can take to make your commercial air conditioning unit more energy-efficient without sacrificing the comfort of your employees or clients in the process. 

Consider Spot or Zone Cooling for Off Hours

Many companies now make use of technology such as in-house computer servers that require around-the-clock cooling. In order to maintain the necessary temperatures needed to safeguard this equipment, companies will often leave their air conditioning running at full capacity even during the hours that they are closed for business. This can result in significant energy waste. 

Rather than cooling the entire floor or, worse yet, the entire building, simply to keep a few pieces of equipment cool, you may want to consider spot or zone cooling. This will allow you to maintain cooler temperatures where they are needed while setting the thermostat for the rest of the building a bit higher during off-hours. 

Make Sure Your Air Distribution Is Balanced

Another common issue with commercial air conditioning units is that the air distribution is not well balanced. This is why you may notice that while everyone in one department is wearing a sweater at work employees in another department are all bringing in personal fans to place on their desk as they complain about how hot it is. Not only can this result in wasted energy as employees fight over what temperature to set the thermostat to, but it can also result in lower productivity levels as employees are forced to deal with less than comfortable conditions. Working with an experienced commercial air conditioning contractor can help you to correct this issue so that you can enjoy a more comfortable temperature throughout the building while saving money in the process.

Ensure Your Duct Work Is Clean and in Good Condition

The cool air your commercial air conditioner creates can only be effective if it is successfully delivered from the AC unit to the air vents throughout the building. This cannot happen if your ductwork is clogged with dust and debris or if your air ducts have significant air leaks. When your ducts are dirty or in need of repair, your AC system will be forced to work overtime in order to try and maintain the desired temperature. This can result in much higher energy costs. This is why it is so important to ensure your ducts are professionally cleaned and serviced as part of your routine commercial air conditioning maintenance.