Changing the Heating System With an Addition to a Manufactured Home

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People who have been using an older manufactured home for weekend trips and longer vacations may one day decide to move there. They might want to make some upgrades before turning it into a full-time residence. The installation of an addition and a basement underneath is a possibility. This gives them the option of having the original furnace removed and complete the heating installation downstairs.

Moving to Vacation Property

Moving to vacation property is a relatively common choice for men and women when they retire. Their second home is in a scenic location. Owners of a mobile home may always have viewed it as a cabin of sorts.

Another increasingly prevalent factor is working remotely, allowing people to live wherever they want to. Even if they're required to come to the actual worksite once or twice a week, that's no problem if their vacation property is not too far away.

Original Furnace Location

Furnaces in manufactured houses typically are located between the bedrooms at one end and the room connected with the hallway. Depending on the floor plan, that might be the kitchen or the living room. The structure often is placed on top of a crawl space where ductwork and plumbing pipes are installed. This is sufficient for heating the entire mobile home.

Two Considerations

There are two considerations with moving the heating system to a newly constructed basement. The first is that a larger furnace is needed because of the extra square footage. The second is that the existing ductwork may be inadequate for sending enough warm air to the far end of the building. The heating contractor can resolve that problem by installing one or more extra duct pipes and vents. If the customers have central air or want the system installed now, the additional ductwork and vents will be sufficient for climate control in the summer too.

Extra Advantages 

After a heating contractor removes the upstairs furnace, the homeowners now have enough space for a half-bath or another closet. A new furnace downstairs means less noise near the bedrooms. Also, new models are significantly quieter than those installed over 20 years ago. They are more energy-efficient as well.

This is an exciting time for people who have always looked forward to residing at their vacation property full-time. By having the improvements made, they greatly boost their satisfaction with this residence. Also, a basement and a furnace in the lower level make the place more spacious and homey. Learn more by contacting heating contractors.