Need Furnace Repair? Check These Things Before Calling A Professional

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With the temperatures starting to drop, you likely have switched your heat on already. If your furnace has not undergone a tune-up yet, you may run into a few issues with your heating system, resulting in it being unable to provide you with the heat that you need. If you believe furnace repair is needed, the good news is that there are some steps that you can take before you give an HVAC technician a call.

Look at the Thermostat

There are several different things that you can look at on your thermostat to ensure it is functioning properly. The first thing you should check is that the "heat" setting is on. You also need to check the temperature setting and ensure it is correctly set to the desired temperature. Finally, you need to determine that the furnace is being activated by the thermostat. This can be done by turning down the temperature setting several degrees below the current temperature and back up several degrees above the current temperature. Wait to see if the furnace turns on.

Make Sure the Power Is On

Electricity is needed whether you have an electric or natural gas furnace. You will need to ensure that the power switch is "on" and that the circuit breaker is "on" and does not need to be reset.

Check the Pilot Light

If you have a gas furnace, you will want to ensure that the pilot light is lit so that the heating system has an ignition source. If the pilot light is not lit, you can attempt to use a grill ignitor or a long match to relight it. If you are worried about doing this or are unable to relight it, you should contact a professional.

Change the Filter

When filters get dirty and clogged up, your heating system will be unable to heat your home efficiently because the airflow is restricted. Make sure to check the air filter to see if it needs to be replaced. One way to determine if it needs to be replaced is to hold it up to a light and see if you can see through it. If you cannot, then it is time to replace it.

If the aforementioned tasks do not fix the problems that you are having with your furnace, then you should contact a furnace repair service as soon as possible and schedule an appointment so that you don't go without heat for an extended period of time. Contact a furnace repair service for more information.