Three Ways To Heat Industrial Facilities

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Heating all of the interior air in a large, uninsulated industrial facility isn't practical for a lot of business owners. Instead, industrial heating systems focus on heating areas where employees will be working for most of their time on the premises. Having a heated environment in the winter can increase employee satisfaction and productivity, so if your large commercial or industrial facility is currently completely unheated, consider installing one of the following commercial heating systems.

Infrared Heating Systems

Infrared space heaters are a long-loved source of heat for garages, workshops, and semi-enclosed outdoor spaces. These heaters are frequently mounted high on walls or hanging off of ceilings. As they shine infrared light down on surfaces or people, they gently warm anything the light touches. Many infrared heaters are designed to withstand exposure to the elements, so they are suitable for installation almost anywhere. They also aren't prone to catching combustible objects or chemicals on fire due to the gentle heat of infrared light, so they are safe for installation around dangerous materials. Just make sure to position any infrared heaters you install carefully. They don't provide much excess heat, so they need to be aimed precisely at locations your workers frequent to keep them warm.

Gas-Powered Ceramic Heaters

Although many heaters can be powered with gas, true gas-powered heaters use the heat created by burning gas as their main heat source. These machines store the heat created from burning natural gas or propane in ceramic burners that release the heat slowly and evenly. Gas-powered ceramic heaters can be installed in open or enclosed areas, and they are generally designed to be installed hanging from walls or ceilings. This design saves floor space and keeps the flames away from any flammable materials. As long as your facility doesn't use highly flammable materials that could get close to the heaters, installing gas-powered heaters could work for your business.

Fan-Forced Air Heaters

If you need to avoid using gas in your facility, and you need to heat the air in a larger area than infrared heaters can handle, you may need to install fan-forced air heaters. Like any forced-air furnace, these heaters heat air and blow it where heat is needed. Many fan-forced air heaters function much like desk fans but contain powerful heating elements. They can swivel as they work, spreading warm air across a wide area. They typically run on electricity, so they should be safe to use around flammable substances.

To learn more about heating industrial facilities, contact commercial heating services in your area to find the best solution for your business.