Low-Maintenance Plumbing Fixtures 101: 3 Things To Consider

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The plumbing in a house has a major responsibility, and if you are like most modern homeowners, you will want whatever you put in place to do its job and require as little time and attention from you as possible. As it is with most household implements, there are some things that are going to require more maintenance than others, but this is something few people ever really think about when in the process of adding new plumbing components. If you want to make sure the plumbing fixtures you choose are going to be just fine without your ongoing presence, there are a few things to consider. 

Opt for longevity, even if it costs more. 

If you want low maintenance with plumbing fixtures, it is a must that you go for things that are known to have a long life span. Yes, these fixtures will cost more, but they usually come with a good warranty and they are less likely to break down and need attention. For example, if you invest in a shower head that offers a 10-year warranty, this thing is most likely going to work just fine for several years and not need to be replaced anytime in the near future. The general consensus is items built for longevity tend to need much less attention. 

Skip techy attributes that can cause complications. 

You can find everything from smart faucets to smart water heaters these days, and some of these things being smart can really bring a lot of value to your home. However, if you add "smart" to the front of any plumbing fixture, there is also a chance that this piece is going to need more time and attention down the road. For example, you may like a smart water heater because it allows you to adjust the temperature remotely, but technologically advanced features may also need things like updates, reconfiguration, and other time-consuming processes. 

Go with smooth finishes. 

When it comes to the plumbing fixtures that you will actually be looking at and interacting with every day like the toilet, sinks, and shower, opt for items that have a smooth surface. You can really get fancy with things like a hammered-nickel bowl sink or brushed-nickel faucets, and these things do look good. However, anything other than a slick finish can require more time and attention because it is harder to keep clean and takes longer to clean as well. 

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