Refinishing Your Basment? How To Make Sure It Stays Cool

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If you live in a part of the country that gets a lot of heat during the summer, then you know just how important it is to make the inside of your house comfortable. If you are in the process of finishing your basement, one thing that you will want to consider is ensuring that on hot summer days, you can stay cool in your basement. Because basements are naturally cooler, they will be one of the best spots in your house regardless of anything else that you do. But, there are other things that you can have done to your basement to make sure that it stays cold. 

Get an Air Conditioning System

One of the first things that you should do is contact an HVAC company and ask them to come out to your house and install all of the vents in your basement. If you currently have a central air conditioning unit, they should be able to install some vents and do some ductwork to help transport the air from your unit and into your basement. Another thing you can talk to the HVAC company about is installing several vents throughout your basement so that a bunch of air circulates throughout each room. Although there is a minimum amount of vents you will have to have in order to be compliant with code, you may be able to get a few more vents put in there as well. 

Get Tile Floors

You may think that carpet is the only type of flooring that you should have in your basement, but if you want your basement to be cool, then you will want to go with some hard flooring like tile. Tile, in particular, is known for being colder because it's usually made out of clay, cement or porcelain. The excellent news about tile is that it's really popular right now; especially cement tile. If you are worried about it being too cold in the winter, you can either have it heated, or you can put a big rug over the top of it. 

Staying cool during the summer can feel impossible if you live in certain parts of the country. If you are finishing your basement this year, use these tips to ensure that your basement stays one of the coolest looking and feeling places to hang out in your entire house. To learn more, reach out to an air conditioning service near you.