Staying Cool Before The AC Technician Arrives

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If your AC breaks down in the middle of the summer, an emergency AC technician should be your go-to guy to help you make the house comfortable again. However, there are precautions you need to take so that the heat doesn't make you too miserable before the technician arrives. Here are some of those precautions:

Drink Lots of Water

Apart from the obvious discomfort of feeling hot, staying in a hot room without air conditioning is also bad for you because you may be dehydrated as your body tries to cool down. Dehydration is also not just a discomfort; it's also bad for your health (especially extended dehydration). Fortunately, hydrating yourself is as simple as taking lots of water; take it cold and it will also cool your body.

Take a Cold Shower

Another simple way to cool down your body is to take a cold shower. This will lower your body temperature or at least keep it from hating up too much; this is especially effective if there is a draft that can evaporate the water and help you cool down. Taking short frequent showers is better than one long shower (what matters is that your body gets wet and cold).

Wear Loose Clothing

Tight clothing is detrimental at this time because it will trap air between itself and your body and the air will be heated by your body heat and stay warm because air is a poor conductor of heat. Opt for loose clothing instead; this will allow air to circulate all over your body and help keep you cool.

Get As Low As Possible

Hot air rises and cold air sinks, which means the higher you are the warmer you will feel. For example, you would feel hotter when sleeping in an upper banker bed compared to when sleeping on the floor. The effect is even more pronounced if you are in a multistory home; climb down to the ground floor or basement and you will feel fairly comfortable depending on the prevailing temperatures.

Turn All Heat Generators

Lastly, lower your home temperature by turning off heat generators that you don't need to be using at this time. This means you should switch off the lights, turn off electronics such as computers, and avoid cooking in the house until the AC is fixed.

A well-maintained AC is less likely to break down unexpectedly than a poorly-maintained one so talk to an AC technician, like one from APH Mechanical, for a suitable maintenance schedule. Of course, some breakdowns may still occur despite your best precautions, which is why you shouldn't lose your technician's contact.