Stop The Summer Sweats With These Tips To Reduce Air Conditioner Use And Inevitable Repairs

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When the temperatures outside begin to approach triple-digits, you will be turning the AC up to keep cool. The excessive use of air conditioning during heatwaves has its downside, such as extra wear and the need of repairs to your AC. You may want to try some alternative solutions to help keep cool during the hottest days of summer. Here are some tips that will help you get some relief from the heat outside without completely relying on your AC:

1. Use the Windows and Fans to Ventilate Your Home and Stay Cool

The windows of your home are an easy way to aid in cooling. Use the windows by opening when the air is coolest and allow the hot air to escape. If you open higher windows, this will create a heat convection current that carries hot air out of your home. In addition, use a couple of fans to help circulate air and all fresh air to come in.

2. Shut the Shutters, Closer Curtains and Shut Blinds to Stay Cool

The shutters, curtains, and blinds in your home are also a great way to help reduce heat gain. During the hottest hours of the day, make sure to shut up all window treatments to reduce heat gain from direct sunlight. If you have curtains, consider adding an additional white backing curtain to help add insulation and reflect heat that comes through windows. If you have functional shutters, shut them to keep the heat out. Blinds can be used in living spaces where you want natural light by turning them up to block direct sunlight, but still allow natural light to come in through the window.

3. Use an Evaporative Cooler and Circulate Air with Fans for Cooling

There is also an alternative to conventional air conditioning; an evaporative cooler uses a different system for cooling and less energy. In dry climates, evaporative coolers are often used as a cooling solution. If you want to help cool your home, during the driest days, an evaporative cooler can be used instead of a conventional HVAC system for your cooling needs.

With these tips, you will stay cool and reduce your use of conventional air conditioning. Even though you are doing other things to stay cool reduces your AC usage, you will still want to use it when it gets too hot. Contact an HVAC service like Don's AC Service, Inc. to help with maintenance and repairs to ensure you have cooling when you need it most.