3 Tips for Fixing an AC Unit in One Day

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If you are moving into a home that is many years old, you may find that there are items that need some repairs. The major household appliances should all be checked before move in to determine if they are operational. In the summer, the household system should be checked first is the air conditioning unit. If the AC is showing some signs of being in bad condition, you will need to get the air fixed before moving into the home safely.

Here are some tips for getting an air conditioning unit fixed within one day. 

Call the company for an emergency inspection

If you want to get your air conditioner fixed within 24 hours, you should ask for an immediate inspection. Some companies will reference this as a same day inspection, while others will call this an emergency inspection. Explain to the air conditioning maintenance company that you are moving into a new home and need the AC to be properly fixed before you and your family can finally take possession. 

Ask which parts are necessary

Once the air conditioning maintenance person completes the inspection, they can let you know what will be necessary to fix your air conditioning unit. In some cases, there may be parts that will need to be switched due to malfunction.

Once the air conditioning maintenance person notes the parts of the systems that should be replaced, you will need to get these parts the same day. If the maintenance firm does not sell the parts, you will need to go to an auto store or a store that sells air conditioners to take receipt of a part. Be sure that you get the full information, such as the model number of the part or any possible generic parts that can substitute for the replacement. 

Offer to help with the work

In the event that you need a new system part, such as a compressor, this can be a big job to perform. Purchasing the compressor, moving the compressor, or cleaning out a large vent system can take a lot of labor. If moving or some manual labor is necessary, offer to help with the maintenance. The company may insist that you sign a liability form but may allow you to help move a heavy item or perform cleaning of an item. In the end, helping with the heavy lifting or easy layman's work will get your AC work completed within a short amount of time.