4 Tips For Buying A New Air Conditioning Unit

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Anyone who lives in a place that is hot during the summer likely relies on their home's air conditioning for several months a year in order to stay cool and comfortable. Unfortunately, air conditioning units do not last forever, so at some point you may be in the position of having to purchase a new one. Since most people do not have much experience buying central air conditioning units, it can be a daunting process. Use the following tips when buying a new air conditioning unit for your home:

Select an HVAC Installer

Installing a new air conditioning unit is not something that a homeowner should ever opt to try to do on their own. HVAC systems are quite complex and they need to be installed buy a licensed HVAC contractor. It is in your best interest to contact several HVAC contractors in your area to inquire about a quote. Beware an HVAC contractor who gives you a quote over the phone without seeing your home-- an HVAC contractor should inspect your home before making recommendations on an HVAC unit or quoting a price for installation.

Budget Accordingly

In most cases, buying a new air conditioning unit can be quite expensive. When budgeting, it is important to know that you will need to pay for two separate things-- the actual price of the unit itself as well as the fees for installation. Don't make the mistake of spending all of your money on the HVAC unit and then being left without the funds to pay an HVAC contractor to install it properly.

Buy the Right Size

Air conditioning units come in different sizes and it can be hard to know which size to buy. If you buy a unit that is too small, it will not have enough power to cool your home properly. If you buy a unit that is too big, it will continually cycle on and off, wasting a lot of energy and driving up your electric bill. An  HVAC contractor, like One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating, will inspect your home, note the square footage, examine your current air conditioning unit, and make a recommendation for what size air conditioning unit will work best for your home.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential for keeping an air conditioning unit in good working order. In many cases, air conditioning unit manufacturers also require regular maintenance in order to keep the warranty in tact. When purchasing a new air conditioning unit, make sure you are aware or maintenance requirements so you don't accidentally void the warranty.