Advantages Of Gas Heat Pumps

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Gas heat pumps are hybrid heating systems that use a heat pump to draw hot air into your home, but have a backup natural gas powered furnace that can continue to heat your home when the temperature is too low for the heat pump to operate. Understanding the advantages that such a hybrid heat pump system can provide your home can help you decide whether or not a gas heat pump is right for your home.


The ability of gas heat pump systems to switch between a heat pump and a gas powered furnace depending on the outdoor temperature means that a gas heat pump system will always be able to adequately heat your home. The fact that the furnace operates with natural gas also means that your home will be able to be heated even in the event of a power outage, when the heat pump is not able to function.


Gas heat pumps are extremely energy efficient. The heat pump functionality of such units runs off of electricity, and uses a very small amount to heat your home. Additionally, the gas furnace component of gas heat pumps is smaller than regular central heating units, and as such will not burn through as much fuel to heat your home. This translates to less overall fuel and energy consumption while still adequately heating your home.

Dual Season Functionality

Gas powered heat pumps are able to cool down your home in the summer months in addition to heating it up in the winter. While the gas furnace component is not relevant when it's warm outside, the heat pump is able to pump in cool air from the exterior of your home, which can be used in place of an air conditioning system.

Environmentally Friendly

An important distinction to make between gas heat pump systems and regular air conditioning systems is that gas heat pumps do not use the refrigerants to cool down the air in your home that air conditioners use, which are toxic to the environment. While gas powered heat pumps do burn natural gas in the winter to heat your home, which represents an impact on the environment, the gas furnace is only used as a backup when the heat pump is unable to properly heat your home, which means that your overall emissions are much lower than using a central air conditioning and heating unit. As such, gas heat pumps can be seen as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems. For more information, contact companies like Coral Home Comfort.